How to make green tea taste GOOD

“Life is like a cup of tea. It’s all in how you make it.” – Unknown

Wondering how to make green tea taste good? These days everyone wants to drink green tea as it has so many health benefits. However they are put off by the bitter taste they often finish up with. When I first started drinking green it was the same. I struggled to understand how anyone could enjoy it.

While at a tea tasting event in Christchurch, New Zealand, with a leading international tea grower I found the solution. I will share that with you but first let me share some other tips on making green tea taste good.

Use good loose leaf tea

It is not all in how you make it which gives you a good brew. One key to a good cup of tea is using quality tea leaves. In addition to the quality they have to be a taste you like. So here are some green teas I enjoy drinking: (click on the tea for more info)

  • Sencha – a Japanese tea with a slightly sweet grassy flavour. Very pleasant to have following breakfast.
  • Dragon Well (Longjing) – a smooth fresh floral flavour and slightly sweet toasty after taste.
  • GunPowder – ballshaped leaves that open out to make a smooth tea with a touch of smoky sweetness

Jasmine is the most famous and popular flower scented tea especially for those starting out on their green tea journey. Dried Jasmine petals are mixed with the tea to give it a sweet, delicate flavour and balance out ite astringency. Perhaps the most highly esteemed jasmine tea is Jasmine Pearl. It is made by rolling large green leaf tea into small beads or pearls that are then infused with the powerfully scented blossoms.

Try tasting a few to discover what you enjoy drinking. Ask at good tea shops which ones are popular. There is a wide range of green tea with fruit flavours added if you really must disguise the taste but give the pure tea a chance too!

“The inherent quality of tea must be expressed in water. When a tea that is an eight meets with water that is a ten, the tea is also a ten! When water that is an eight pairs with a tea that is a ten then the tea is also just an eight.”

Written Conversation of Plum Blossom Herbal Hall, Ming Dynasty document
How to make green tea taste better - choose quality tea leaves like Sencha, Jasmine and Ginpowder leaves
Choose quality tea leaves – from top Sencha, Jasmine, Gunpowder

Green tea will taste good with correct brewing

Green tea, white tea and oolong don’t like boiling water. It scorches the leaves and takes away from their delicate flavours.

Use 1 tsp of leaves per cup of tea. For green tea use water at 80C/175 F. Pour it over the leaves and leave for 2-3 minutes, whatever time you have found gives you the best flavour. Pour into your favourite tea cup.

The next step is THE most important one. Remove the infuser from the pot (or teabag from the cup) when the 2-3 minutes is up so it is no longer steeping/brewing. This, together with the correct water temperature, will prevent that bitter taste you may have experienced.

If you still find the taste not to your liking you could try

  • slice of lemon
  • honey
  • sugar

That is how to make green tea taste good and to have a pleasant tea experience!

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