Intuitive Life Guides and Healers who inspire growth and change

We are here to offer you support in your search for growth and change in your life.

As Intuitive Life Guides and Healers we are Mediums who are able to link with spirit to bring through clarity, direction, vision, and healing which we believe will inspire you towards growth and change.

We do this through Psychic and/or Mediumship Readings plus Spiritual Energy Healings.

Who are we?

Tama is an Intuitive Life Guide and gifted Healer

I am Tama and I am a Psychic Medium following generations of others in my family. I kept below the radar for a few years with my gifts but these days I have plenty of time to share them and love to do so. That way I can help others see pathways to their goals and dreams.

I channel direct from spirit with my people talking to your people to bring the most important information forward to help you with your life decisions

Read interesting facts about my early life here

I am Dianne and I have always been highly intuitive but not realised how useful that could be!

These days I am using my intuition and mediumship abilities and enjoying strengthening and sharing my healing powers. As a certified Spiritual Healer and trained Vibralite healer I am channeling energy healing through various modalities I have trained in including Reiki, Medical Intuition, Quantum Healing and Vibralite