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Child of the Light – who is Tama?

“I was born a child of the light therefore the mystic spirit of light has always been within me.

From a young age I was aware of the presence of my ancestors and guides. They are my lifelong teachers.”

A photo of Child of the Light - Tama

Born to Te Ao Marama and Violet he is the beginning of the violet light. His given names of Tama Mahaki means “humble boy“. Tama is New Zealand Maori and acknowledges his grandparents and the bloodline back to his ancestors. He is aware of the part they play in his spiritual journey.

When Tama grew up in New Zealand he didn’t feel he was any different to other children. However he regularly had to accompany his father to meetings with other men in darkened rooms. He would often sleep at his father’s feet or grow restless but he knew he must stay with his father. This was all part of the learning process he came to understand many years later.

His older sisters would try to use him as a conduit to spirit, while he slept, as they knew his abilities. Their own gifts developed and together they could share in the intrigue of the spirit world. As the second youngest of ten children Tama found several of his brothers and sisters were able to communicate with spirit. This is not unusual in Maori families.

Child of the light becomes a Spiritual Reader

Tama is an intuitive healer and reader. He shares psychic wisdom and universal energy while guiding people to clear blockages and gain some clarity about their lives. As a Medium he may also communicate with passed loved ones who wish to connect with the person he is reading for.

A reading with Tama is not always easy. There may be tears, almost always laughs and sometimes shock at what he has to say.

He tells it as spirit gives it to him, not sugar coated. At the same time he keeps in mind the well being of the recipient. The concept all healers and readers should follow is do no harm. Those seeking his guidance may also learn about their energy levels and how it affects them and others. Also they learn how to have their own conversations with spirit and ways to know if they are hearing the messages correctly.

Tama says he “dodged” this work for many years. It is more likely he was given the chance to have more life experiences before finally using his gifts to help others. He now has time to be of service to others and enjoys attending markets and spiritual expos where he is a popular reader. He also does Readings and Healings by appointment at home or your home.

What else interests this child of the light

A talented rugby league player in his younger years he still enjoys watching all sports. He limits his activity to long walks on the beach and in the bush as well as swimming. Music is a constant in his life, anything from opera to country to rock and heavy metal. It is handy to have him singing nearby when trying to hold a tune at a gathering. His gentleness carries through in his voice. Tea is an interest he developed with his partner with both studying to be Tea Masters. Tea and spirituality combined make for interesting travel destinations.

Tama now lives in Queensland, Australia. Spiritual Readings with Tama, he is available for private Readings and Healings at his home or yours and at Markets and Expos mostly on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas. Contact him through Facebook or book online

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