Some Covid 19 restrictions lifted

17 May 2020
Back in the pool

It is 6.59a.m. on Saturday 16 May, 2020  as we step out of the lift on the 12th floor.  Restrictions have been lifted.

We are heading to the open air swimming pools at our apartment building. We are the only people there. Not surprising with the air temperature at just 16 degrees. We have been unable to use these facilities  since March 31 due to Australian Government regulations regarding Covid 19.

Prior to these restrictions we used the swimming pool every day at least once, sometimes twice. So when the ban came along we were devastated. The swimming, exercising, stretching, floating in the pool keeps our active if somewhat ageing bodies comfortable.

The wait……..

We had been sitting in our apartment for at least an hour watching the clock and waiting for this moment. I mumbled about whether my swimsuit would still fit me as, like many, I have gained some kilos over the lockdown. It has been a case of “out of sight, out of mind” with regard to that! It was a relief to find it does still fit. Also to my dismay I liked the look of it for a change.

The Body Corporate Committee issued instructions for safety hygiene when using the Level 12 facilities. Everything we touch must be cleaned. Therefore we have the disinfectant spray and cloth packed ready. We must wipe the lift buttons, the handrail up the steps, the gate latch, the handrail to get into the pool. Well we might not need to wipe all those rails if our core strength is still there and we can do the steps without holding on.

Hot or cold?

We usually get in the main swimming pool, rather than the hot pool, regardless of the air temperature. This morning we kept our options open. I had talked about the desire to just “be” in the hot pool and feel the heat on my stiff and sore back and shoulders.

One look at the swimming pool with the cool wind rippling across it and my normally “tough” partner is first into the hot pool followed closely by me.  It isn’t hot but warm enough to bring some comfort.  We drift down in the water ensuring shoulders are covered, slowly moving arms and legs to feel like we are exercising. It was bliss despite the not so hot water. Ahh we have missed this. We sit in the chilly morning air soaking up the surroundings. We have a fabulous view of the sea, the mountains, the sky. This is the number one reason we bought in this complex and finally we had our pools back. Thank goodness Queenslanders have behaved and we have been given some treats back with restrictions lifted.

Thirty minutes later we left the pool trying to touch as few objects as possible. The cleaning process is simple but necessary. Will everyone do it?

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