Making the most of Covid-what did we achieve

4 May 2021

The onset of Covid 19 came as my partner and I were recovering from and adjusting to life after a hospitality business.

What a relief it was to no longer be in the situation of figuring out how to pay the rent, the insurance, the rates, the water, the power and at the same time wonder how many customers might still be about. What a massive relief!

We escaped the business mid November and took the next few weeks completing administration matters related to it, enjoying Christmas with no limitations and finally being able to do what we wanted when we wanted.

While starting to formulate some plans about how we might use this new found life to best advantage BAM we were banned from going anywhere.

We joined the queues looking for toilet paper, just enough for our needs. Our morning walks along the waterfront took on a new look. We now had to contend with younger couples as well as older couples. Occasionally the whole family came along. Dogs seemed to multiply daily. It became a test of our navigation skills as we attempted to stay a reasonable distance from all and sundry bemoaning the lack of skill of others. Many had no concept of the road rules which the signs on our walkway clearly state should be the guiding principles for all using them. e.g. stay to the left at all times; move off the track/road if paused or stopped; when overtaking ensure there is space to move into rather than run oppposing traffic/walkers off the track.

What to do during Covid

As we got into new routines we cut out morning visits to our favourite cafe and visiting friends in neighbouring towns. Wemissed seeing children and grandchildren for special occasions such as Easter and birthdays. We no longer attended various groups we had recently joined up with. Now how to make the most of this time? Like many others we were going to tidy up the apartment especially the paperwork, get fit, lose weight, learn new things, write a book, start a blog/website and so on.

Well….. now we have most restrictions lifted let’s review that. Did we make the most of Covid?

The surprising results

The paperwork got tidied but is a mess again. New accounts were paid and Body Corp minutes came in, superfluous government mail arrived . Also new recipes were cut out of magazines and placed on “the pile” in the cupboard. Back to old habits.

Huge efforts were made to get fit. We even bought an exercycle, $30 at Vinnies, in case we weren’t allowed out at all. Long daily walks along the waterfront were enjoyable as the weather was pleasant. It seemed like our swimming pool at the apartments had the heating turned off with no holiday makers around. That made us think twice about our usual exercise/relax in there.

As the cafes were only doing take away coffees there was no appeal for another walk later in the day for a coffee. I am not a fan of takeaway cups and they were not allowed to use “keep cups”. The exercycle on the balcony did not appeal unless an emergency. The seat was uncomfortable even with a soft cushion on it; it was hard on the back leaning forward to the handle bars; it is boring cycling on the spot! Did we get fit or fitter? Probably not as we still didn’t do as much exercise as usual.

People who gained weight

We thought we ate healthily to ensure we at least maintained our weight and possibly lost some. As we were home most of the time there was plenty of time to prepare interesting meals, plus morning and afternoon tea, plus supper. Oh dear, what a surprise we put on several kilos.

The website was already set up and blogging started but moved at a very slow pace, actually not much at all!

The outline of the book was drafted – well I listed many ideas which could be included. The actual book is still being mulled over – how to present the ideas, is it Memoirs, is it Life’s Learnings. Maybe it is best to pretend it is fictional? Is it really interesting after all? There are certainly plenty of on line courses on how to go about it. But still it sits ……..

So what did we actually achieve during Covid?

The one thing I did achieve from the list was learning new things. Specifically I focused on spiritualism. Wow, this was a big topic to take on and I think will fill up the rest of my life.

I joined on line meditation groups, registered for reflexology certificate courses, attended spiritual development one on one sessions, learnt about numerology, attended an online workshop on Controlled Remote Viewing. I also attended in person various Spiritualist Churches and Spiritualist groups, had personal readings from psychics, mediums, tarot card readers, angel and light language channellers, psychometry reading, did a rebirth session, had kinesiology balances, access bars treatment and probably more I have missed.

As I have always been keen to try different healing or development methods there are many others I have experienced over the years. So I would say I am now well rounded in my experience of spirituality , its teachings and practices. The work is just beginning on practising some of the things I have learnt. Maybe we did make the most of Covid!

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