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Let us tell you about us and what led to our tea journey. Health, Happiness, Adventure and Spirituality are the keywords to our lifestyle. We are Dianne and Tama and we go Beyond our Balcony every day. As a result we come across things we find interesting and fascinating. Sometimes they are weird, confusing, educating and/or crazy. Our interests cover tea, spirituality and its various arms, travel, eating, cooking, reading, walking, swimming, learning new things, adventure. We love catching up with friends for good conversation, support and love. In all of this we find a common thread – tea. There are teas for every occasion and reason, found in so many interesting locations. Tea can be consumed in a variety of ways. Through our blog we will bring ideas to incorporate tea into your life so that it brings you health, happiness and adventure.

Tea Journey started in Asia

Although not a tea drinker in my younger years I (Dianne) later developed interest in and love of tea while working and travelling in South East Asia. I quickly realised there was more to it than just drinking tea. The tea pot, cups, ceremony, different flavours were all fascinating. I returned to New Zealand with an interesting collection of items and memories.

As my partnership with Tama grew so did his interest and knowledge of tea. Together we continued our learning about tea through travel and attending courses.

While travelling in South East Asia we found some of the best tea by wandering down out of the way streets. We drank tea with tea merchants and experts. On arrival in Australia we completed the Australian Tea Master training. I became a qualified Australian Tea Master.

Experimented with tea for health and other uses

We owned and operated our own Cafe, specialising in teas. Also on offer were Tea Cup/Leaf readings, Tea Meditations, Tea Tasting and High Teas. We experimented with the use of tea in baking. The cake selection included Black Tea Cake, Lavender Shortbread, Rooibus Muffins for example. Since leaving the cafe we have extended our use of tea to meat marinades, seasoned roasted nuts, desserts and more ideas being worked on.

More recently our interest in health and spirituality broadened the use of herbal teas and blends. Both are enhanced with careful selection of brews. Tama is a Psychic Medium and I am one in training. We drink a lot of tea as we discuss what is happening around us!

Beyond the Balcony is our way of sharing experiences here. We are on Facebook and Instagram as well.

So, Raise your cup to a Tea Journey for Health, Happiness, Adventure and Spirituality

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